Good Reading

Some churches have a lending library for their church family to borrow. In most cases the books are dated, dog-eared, yellowed with age - and seldom borrowed. Flaxmere Baptist doesn't have its own library. Instead, we encourage people to join the Hastings District Libraries (HDL) and make good use of the resources available in the Flaxmere Community Library and in the Hastings War Memorial Library.

On this regularly updated page, we draw your attention to books of interest that are related to the Christian faith or are of interest to Christians and are available at HDL.

Biographies and Autobiographies


Johnny Cornflakes : a story about loving the unloved / George, Denise.

Angry conversations with God : a snarky but authentic spiritual memoir / Isaacs, Susan E.

A heart for freedom : the remarkable journey of a young dissident, her daring escape, and her quest to free China's daughters / Chai, Ling

Girl meets God : on the path to a spiritual life / Winner, Lauren F.

Annie's story : as told by Annie / Woodley, Anne, 1936-

Heaven is for real : a little boy's astounding story of his trip to heaven and back / Burpo, Todd.

C. S. Lewis : a life : eccentric genius, reluctant prophet / McGrath, Alister E., 1953-

Black and free / Skinner, Tom, 1942-

And God came in : the extraordinary story of Joy Davidman : her life and marriage to C.S. Lewis / Dorsett, Lyle W.

An invisible thread : the true story of an 11-year-old panhandler, a busy sales executive, and an unlikely meeting with destiny / Schroff, Laura.

Beyond belief : my secret life inside Scientology and my harrowing escape / Hill, Jenna Miscavige.

Chasing the dragon / Pullinger, Jackie.

Escape from Camp 14 : one man's remarkable odyssey from North Korea to freedom in the West / Harden, Blaine.

Against a tide of evil : how one man became the whistleblower to the first mass murder of the twenty-first century / Kapila, Mukesh.

Somewhere inside : one sister's captivity in North Korea and the other's fight to bring her home / Ling, Laura, 1976-

Auschwitz : a British POW's eyewitness account / Rushton, Colin.

Finding God : a treasury of conversion stories / Mulder, John M., 1946-

Sober mercies : how love caught up with a Christian drunk / Kopp, Heather Harpham, 1964-

The weight of mercy : a novice pastor on the city streets / Richardson-Moore, Deb.

Beautiful Nate : a memoir of a family's love, a life lost, and heaven's promises / Mansfield, Dennis.

Let justice roll down / Perkins, John, 1930-

Above all things : the journey of an evangelical Christian mother and her gay daughter / Johnson, Shari.

I fired God : my life inside--and escape from--the secret world of the Independent Fundamental Baptist cult / Zichterman, Jocelyn, author.

A gift of hope : helping the homeless / Steel, Danielle, author.

Beyond belief : the secret lives of women in extreme religions / Ostman, Cami.


Christians in Other Lands


God is red : the secret story of how Christianity survived and flourished in Communist China / Liao, Yiwu, 1958-

Clouds of witnesses : Christian voices from Africa and Asia / Noll, Mark A., 1946-

Christianophobia / Shortt, Rupert.

Dreams and visions : is Jesus awakening the Muslim world? / Doyle, Tom.

Daughters of hope : stories of witness & courage in the face of persecution / Strom, Kay Marshall, 1943-

Church behind the wire : a story of faith in the Killing Fields / Mam, Barnabas, 1950-

Journey of hope : stories of courage and faith from Africa / Gibson, Jean.

In the land of blue burqas / McCord, Kate.

Voice in the night : the true story of a man and the miracles that are changing Africa / Surprise, Pastor.


Christian Teaching


Why Christian women convert to Islam / Sookhdeo, Rosemary.

The devil has no mother : why the devil is worse than you think - but God is greater / Cruz, Nicky.

Who chose the Gospels? : probing the great Gospel conspiracy / Hill, Charles E. (Charles Evan), 1956-

The Aleppo Codex : the true story of obsession, faith, and the pursuit of an ancient bible / Friedman, Matti.

The Jesus we missed : the surprising truth about the humanity of Christ / Reardon, Patrick Henry, 1938-

Foolish faith : what 21st century man says about God / Etinger, Judah, 1974-

All that the prophets have spoken / Sa ' a, Yehia, 1954 -

Totally forgiving God / Kendall, R. T.

Total forgiveness / Kendall, R. T.

Beyond the shadows : making sense of personal tragedy / Wieland, Carl.

Confronting Jezebel : discerning and defeating the spirit of control / Sampson, Steve, 1948-

The utter relief of holiness : how God's goodness frees us from everything that plagues us / Eldredge, John, 1960-

Beyond the shadowlands / Martindale, Wayne.

Epiphanies of the ordinary : encounters that change lives / Cleverly, Charlie, 1951-

Home for good : making a difference for vulnerable children / Kandiah, Krish.

Great Divorce / Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.

The Jewish Gospels : the story of the Jewish Christ / Boyarin, Daniel.

Hearing God : developing a conversational relationship with God / Willard, Dallas, 1935-2013

Did Jesus exist? : the historical argument for Jesus of Nazareth / Ehrman, Bart D.

Touching others with your words / Swindoll, Charles R.

The passion of Jesus Christ : fifty reasons why He came to die / Piper, John, 1946-

Io origins : ancient knowledge of the living God in Aotearoa = Te matauranga o te ao kohatu he taonga tuku iho mai a io ki te aohurihuri / Cruickshank, Graham, 1942-

Can man live without God / Zacharias, Ravi K.

Exposing myths about Christianity : a guide to answering 145 viral lies and legends / Russell, Jeffrey Burton.

The idolatry of God : breaking the addiction to certainty and satisfaction / Rollins, Peter, author.

Wounded by God's people : discovering how God's love heals our hearts / Lotz, Anne Graham, 1948- author.

Heaven / Alcorn, Randy C.

Educating all God's children : what Christians can-and should-do to improve public education for low-income kids / Fulgham, Nicole Baker, author.

The question that never goes away : what is God up to in a world of such tragedy and pain? / Yancey, Philip, author.

Creation and Evolution


In the beginning was information : a scientist explains the incredible design in nature / Gitt, Werner, 1937-

Without excuse / Gitt, Werner, 1937-

The politically incorrect guide to Darwinism and intelligent design / Wells, Jonathan, Ph. D.

Evolution, the greatest deception in modern history / Gallop, Roger G.

Dragons or dinosaurs? : creation or evolution? / Isaacs, Darek.

One human family : the Bible, science, race and culture / Wieland, Carl.

Prayers and devotions


Prayers of great traditions : a daily office / Voke, Christopher J., author.

Seasons of the land : people's prayers for town and country / Bennett, Bill, 1938-

Prayers for today : a yearlong journey of contemplative prayer / Bjorklund, Kurt.